Owner - C.E.O.

Dereck started this company with one goal in mind. That is to take on the toughest challenges manufacturing has to offer and to overcome them!


He is a QMS guru with a strong technical background. With over two decades of experience as in top leadership roles overseeing Engineering and Quality teams in aerospace, defense, automotive and medical devices, Dereck has a wealth of knowledge in almost anything manufacturing, engineering and business related.


He has extensive experience with standards such as ISO9001, AS9100, ISO13485, TS16949, and AC7004 to name a few. He is a certified lead auditor, and has helped many companies implement certified Quality Management Systems and implement Lean best practices across an enormous list of processes.


Certifications include; MEng, ASQ-QCE, ASQ-CQM, LSS-BB, NDT LP II, NDT RT I, Lead Auditor (ISO13485, AS9100, TS16949, and ISO9001)



Director of Operations

Kimberly is an expert in Quality Systems and Continual Improvement. With 20 years experience in manufacturing holding a variety of quality and process leadership roles she has proven that putting energy into your systems will drive profit to your bottom line and her ability to break down a system into its parts has helped many organizations reap the rewards of their investment in their QMS

Kimberly is a LEAN Machine! She brings an incredible set of core tools and she knows how to apply them to eliminate waste and improve efficiency! Weather she is setting up 5S, Implementing Kanban, Poka Yokeing a process or driving a full Kaizen of an area her exceptional knowledge and organizational skills ensure effectiveness!

Kimberly has created Quality Management Systems from scratch with zero findings at stage 1 and stage 2 audits. In addition to this she has helped many organizations upgrade and prepare for certifications with exceptional results. 

Certifications include; BSME, ASQ-CQE, LSS-BB, NDT RT II, Lead Auditor (ISO9001, AS9100, & TS 16949)

Christopher Duchene

Contract Consultant

Christopher is a Process and Design master! His CAD skills span across 25 years in manufacturing coming from a background in architectural design.


He has designed a wide variety of passenger facing components and assemblies for commercial airplanes as well as functional components that go un-seen in their application. He is fluent in AutoCAD, Catia, Solidworks, and a variety of other commonly used software used in mechanical design.


Christopher has earned his place as one of our featured consultants by being an valuable resource for DW Technical Consulting and our customers by always coming through in a pinch.


In addition to his incredible attention to detail, he is genuinely one of the most positive people we have ever had the pleasure of working with. 

Certifications Include; BS, LSS-BB, BArch


Featured Contractors